Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here is a quick and dirty look at some of what I’ve been doing lately in Second Life.  For the first time in long while, I’ve been enjoying a creative project who’s techniques are new (at least to me).

 I’ve been exploring the lighting texture options in the Features section of the build menu (where you enable lighting effects).  The moving light/shadows are objects w/ a simple texture in each set to rotate.  The textures themselves are just transparencies w/ some lines stroked over them.  These objects are then set to rotate or orbit and some hints of color are added, etc.  It is nothing too fancy and mostly just fun because it was new to me.   It was good to get back in world for a bit of creative exploration.  I will explore what the projections look like inside of a sphere next and set the objects to transparent (they are too hard to find if set that way at the I will explore a bit more, if I come up with anything of interest I’ll post it here.  

I hope you enjoy…For some reason the embed below appears off set to me... try this link if you have the same issue: Shadow Projections