Sunday, March 4, 2012

Metaversian Chill – Where do you go to relax?

One of the hardest things to explain to someone who hasn’t visited a quality build in a virtual world is the tangible sense of place these digital constructions can take on.  For me this sense of place is most pronounced when there is spaciousness, and almost desolation to a build.  Folks who have visited Immersiva or the work of AM Radio (Husk, The Far Away & The Quiet come to mind) know what I mean.  As is often the case not all of these builds can still be visited although Immersiva will return (not sure this link is current).  To see stills of AM’s builds check out his Flickr photo stream.

Yet, what of today in second life?  For me, there are still builds that invoke this intense and unique sense of place. The rebuild of Chouchou is very powerfully chill (An oxymoron?  Not with the lovely music of Chouchou combining with the simple elegant build - you will see what I mean).  Chouchou build and music draws people together yet we tend to distribute ourselves physically thru out the sim as we float across the space.   Below are a few photos taken recently, hopefully they convey at least a portion of what I am trying to describe.  I also recently discovered the HuMaNoiD sim… a richer color palette is used, but it still conveys a sense of warm delicious decay.  

So are you also drawn to these seemingly ‘empty’ builds?  If so… let me know below where you chill in the metaverse?  
Chouchou beauty

Kenbishi's bemused chill

HuMaNoiD warm chill

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