Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspired Creation

Long time since I’ve posted… As some may know, I am interested in the concept of creativity; both as an act of doing and as an internal process (i.e. to develop my own sense of creativity).   My relative silence on this blog is not due to a waning of that interest.  While my RL work life has been more demanding of my time lately I’ve continued to pursue my exploration of creativity.  I’ve recently moved from working with the Processing language to working more with Adobe After Effects and Blender. 

Working with Blender is something I look forward to doing more of as I begin the explore working with Mesh tools in Second Life.  Which leads me to why I'm posting.  I was reminded of just how beautiful and moving a quality build can be in a virtual world when I saw claudia222 jewell’s stunning full sim build Spirit  at Art Screamer.  If you have not seen it yet… stop now, go explore and enjoy.  

I was most impressed w/ how intricate her work was and how well it "hung together" conceptually.  Others have noted how it very Bosch like in it’s styling’s.  As I’ve moved through it, I’ve been struck by its imagery of transformation and immergence. Claudia has been quoted:  “This exposition is for me the letting go of a long griefing, to let the spirits pass, and start new in peace.”  Over all I found this build to be powerful and inspiring. 

For myself I’ve taken images from the build and worked with them to express my feelings as I explored. Enjoy these few images, but more than anything express your own Spirit.  Thank you claudia222 jewell and Art Screamer for inspiring me to explore. 

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