Friday, October 21, 2011

A worthy project...

A worthy project to be sure…  This is a crowd-source project to continue the funding of Kirsten’s viewer.  Easily the best quality viewer in sl.  Kirsten’s viewers have been cutting edge as well as solid in my opinion (he was solving issues with  the original V2 viewer within days of release).  

If you are a machinima maker or virtual world photographer then you are likely familiar with this viewer.  As some of you may know circumstances have change on the home front for the developer of Kirsten’s viewer.  I have a lot of empathy for his position… I myself have been on bit of a (work imposed in my case) hiatus from SL.  While I’ve been continuing to play with my Processing projects I’ve been less involved in SL.  Basically I am down to a weekly visit (to clear out my IMs), and I will return to continue exploring soon.  

Enough about me…
I was very pleased to see Lee has gone forward with this CrowdsFunder  project.  Not everyone will be able to participate, but I do encourage anyone with an interest in supporting and improving the infrastructure of virtual worlds to pitch in with whatever you can spare.  See the links below.  For those of us in the US the payment amounts are in British Pounds, but PayPal does the conversion for you based on the day’s exchange rate.