Sunday, May 22, 2011

52 Posts: Random

An advantage of working on ‘academic’ schedule is I have my summers off (really only 5 weeks unpaid… but hey I still look forward to).  It is a great way to get refreshed and to avoid burn out.  Of course with this luxury of 5 weeks off comes the flip side… an intense work schedule until I get my building shut down for the summer, etc.  

Somehow, I still managed to get some time in for both Javascript and  Processing.  This week with Processing it was a section on understanding the use of Random values as well as Noise.  I now know that Noise is random but smoothly incremented randomness; whereas, pure randomness might have a small random increment followed by a giant one, followed by 10 humongous ones followed by 3 tiny ones.  This might not be what one wants thus the use of Noise to force the steps across an increment to change at a uniform rate.  Anyway… here you will see a few demos with size, direction, color and speed to increment incrementing randomly and with noise.

So today’s video is truly random… enjoy.  
Another Random Production from Robward Antwerp on Vimeo.
More fun w/ Processing 1.5
Music sample via
By: cdk
Creative Commons - NC

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