Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music tip...

I love seeing, hearing, listening to and talking about music; thus, my impulse to share the music of Y La Bamba.  I was catching up on my blog reading today and ran across the mention of them. They are a ‘local’ Portland band and are rapidly gaining a wider audience.  At times, their sound elicits such an ethereal  feeling… I close my eyes and my ‘view’ almost floats then flutters slowly along.  The song that does this most powerfully (for me is) is “Winter’s Skin” on Lupon.  Luz Elena Mendoza’s hypnotic voice has such a graceful sense of movement.

But words do not suffice.  Consider these links and listen:
Alt.latinoblog post
Interview with Luz Elena
Y la Bamba

Luz Elena Mendoza of Y la Bamba

Y la Bamba

Music more than any other form of creative expression resists my ‘need’ to see what is ‘behind the curtain’ or to expose and sift thru its bones in an effort to ‘understand’ it.  For me music remains a fundamental and most powerful magic. 

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