Sunday, April 3, 2011

52 Posts...

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been inspired lately by Carrie Lexington’s 365 Project.  As sort of a derivation on the theme … I’m calling my project “52 POSTS”.    Blog posts that is.   It is my hope to say something of interest each week.  To wit… I humbly submit…

Week 1:
I will call this my week of initial refocusing… it sounds so grandiose.  Let’s just say things in my work world are calming a bit and I have been able to be a bit more creatively productive.   By this I mean both in being creative; as well as, appreciating the creativity of others.

I tend to thrive best with a tad bit of structure… sort of like how when I was a painting contractor worked for myself (ahh the American Dream…) the best thing about it was … no one would tell me to go to work… which not surprisingly was also the worst thing about it.  Now I am lucky enough to have a job I love with a non-profit .  It gives me a lot of latitude within which I can creatively meet the expectations of our grantor.   Perhaps web design and virtual world content creation will serve to apply a similar bit of framework within which I can thrive creatively.
On the output side:

I've made some headway on my homepage.  Many years ago I created in MS Word a simple Homepage for my browser.  It was nothing fancy but it suited.  Eventually it grew into a list of ever evolving links.  Then the other day I was working my way thru a tutorial on HTML & CSS when it struck me as a painfully obvious project to take on.   So I will make it into a ‘real’ webpage (one that could be –not that there is a need… but let’s not quibble – be posted to the web).

As a sample see the above changed Masthead for the blog.  Compositing the images, tweaking a few effects and throwing down some type was immensely pleasing.  As for the larger webpage design... you sort of had to be there to truly appreciate it, but I was finally able to figure out how to manage all the floating
elements on my homepage.  Simple enough stuff for the more serious web designers out there… but it does feel good to go beyond ‘just cook booking’ the ‘recipe’.

Enough about me… on the input side:

Here I will list a few of the inspiring things I’ve seen and enjoyed this week.  One of the best was the Visualizing Theorem exhibit… very well put together show with interesting pieces.  Excellent HUD as well by the way (I tend to avoid using HUDS, but this one is very well done).  The whole concept is amazing… and quite logically suited for immersive 3D projects.

On another front, those that know me know I am passionate about music… while I don’t play… I do appreciate just about any music.  Walking downtown today I was bopping to anything from Lady Gaga, Shakira and The Pretenders to Anna Calvi, Sub Swara, Le Butcherettes, Ruido Rosa and Cary Ann Hearst.   Feel free to google any… I’ve supplied the link to three I discovered on one of my favorite music blogs…  – I ran across the three linked artists via their show about what they were hearing at South by South West in Austin, Tx.

So that is that this week… some cosmetic changes to this blog’s masthead, progress on my ‘webpage’ and some fun music.

Have fun with your week and as always… explore your worlds

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