Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beautiful Light and Shadows with Depth of Field...

It has been a while since I’ve spent significant time in Second Life or posted here.  It seems I have been distracted again.  I’ve been exploring  some OpenSims… out on the “Hypergrid”.  I particularly like the work going on over on the Craft Open Sim (  Although the biggest distraction for a few months now has been my learning to use the programs within Adobe CS5.  While I admire and continue to use many open source tools, there is some value in using the industry standard for creative tools.  Perhaps it is the focus that spending money applies to my efforts… lol.  Or perhaps it is the amazing number of tutorials, resources and support available.  Either way… I know I am lucky to have it and I love learning to use the CS5 tools.  So far my favorite is Illustrator.  I have so much more to learn.   

However, today I was distracted by test driving Kirsten’s latest viewer in SL.  Kirsten reports this is likely the last version of the S20 viewer with S21 rolling out next.  As many know Kirsten’s S20 requires a decent machine to run it, certainly if running w/ shadows and in ultra.  I shot this clip in Chakran Forest (perhaps the most beautiful place in Second Life).  The Forest… with S20(45) on ultra settings and shadows cranked up… gave my video card (nVidia 470) a run for it’s money (as can be seen with the stuttering pans using FRAPS to capture the video).  But I think you can still get a sense of how depth of field looks running Kirsten’s viewer.  Truly beautiful. 
Beautiful Light, Shadow w/ depth of field from Robward Antwerp on Vimeo.
An test of the latest viewer by Kirsten Cinquetti
Shot in the beautiful Chakran Forest of Second life.