Friday, July 16, 2010

A cool project and some sites worth checking out…

I have been a bit lazy about keeping up on the blog, I am on my summer schedule though so I will cut myself some slack. This week I ran across a project and then a fun related website. At New World Notes I saw the post about a mixed media collaboration project called PeaceLoveIcecream from Mescaline Tammas and Four Yip and had to check it out. They are collecting voice samples for their project. I could not resist offering up mine. Who knows if they will use it, but it was fun making it. Just a simple statement (nothing profound… just random revelation of my two favorite words of all time) using Audacity. I did a simple pitch modulation to get a nice sound (it it a machine or is it human?).

Robward Antwerps Favorite Words by Robward Antwerp

But the best part was in order to post the brief voice track I was sent to sound cloud. What a site… lots of music, lots of types of music and love the format, worth checking out to be sure. I placed a soundcloud ‘drop box’ on my blog… it should come in handy for collaborative projects.  For example, this will be great way to send me the music for collaborative machinima projects, etc.

What else? As I mentioned I'm on my summer schedule, in some ways just as busy as my regular work schedule. Mostly I’ve been a student… taking two classes at PSU for work - both interesting (to me) and useful (at work). On the more creative side; I’ve continued working on my Blender chops… with texture stacks, ambient occlusion, and procedural textures. I am having a small amount of success, but it is slow going at times. I do love the folks over at machinimatrix. They do a comprehensive job of sculpty tutorials (I can't recommend them enough... the Jass 2.0 Blender kit is the best way to get Blender optimized for SL - it includes the Primstar scripts, etc). Fun fun… perhaps some images of my progress later. 

As always... enjoy!

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