Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Recent Issue of PrimPerfect...

The June issue of PrimPerfect has extensive reporting on the larger Metaverse (beyond Second Life); with reviews of, Blue Mars, Reaction Grid and Heritage Key. These are three of the more developed virtual worlds, each with their unique properties and issues... all well laid out and discussed in the June issue.  They also have their usual featrues devoted to SL.

I particularly liked the interview with Wizard Gynoid about her work based on sacred E8 geometry.

There is also a nice outline of the basic copyright issues related to inventory transfer to OpenSims.

And as a final recommendation... if you were curious about building in Blue Mars check out Creating In Blue Mars - Advice from a Mentor piece by Maxwell Graf and Qwis Greenwood.

You can link directly to the e-reader version  here or link to the full Prim Perfect site.

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