Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow up on the JIRA request to fix broken suppression of user interface...

For machinima makers one of the most frustrating things about the new Linden Labs second life viewer 2.0 was that you were unable to completely suppress the user interface when shooting machinima. Without the fix we would all have been blighted by a file menu strip across the top of any footage shot in that viewer (now the default viewer for new accounts, etc). When combined with the new LL policy establishing a list of 'approved' third party viewers (which at this writing still does not include Emerald or Hippo), we had a very short list of approved viewers to work with. Fortunately KirstenLee Cinquetti's viewer is on the list and the newest version of her viewer S20 (15) fixes the UI suppression problem while maintaining (even improving) the SL 2.0 viewer’s user interface.

I drone on about this because it is too easy to assume that there is always going to be a work around or somehow the open source community will fix it. KirstenLee deserves a huge thanks and even a donation to the ‘beer’ fund if one is able. KirstenLee’s viewer dealt with this pesky (and difficult to fix) ‘bug’ in short order. There is nothing like a having a nimble open source coder in your corner. Have a look at the viewer via the download link on the KirstenLee’s blog.

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