Saturday, April 3, 2010

Experience the Intangible Reality

Today while working on a new machinima I was visiting with a friend in Second Life.  She turned me on to an amazing find... not a new sim or build, but to a guy's Flickr photostream.  Pixel Reanimator a relative newcomer, but one with skills and a quick grasp of what compels many of us to stick with Second Life.  The essence of why Second Life remains interesting to me... the way we choose to creatively express ourselves.... In this case Pixel subtly captures one of the most common forms of self expression - our appearance.  Commonly in our 'real' lives our self expressed appearance falls well within a fairly narrow norm.  However, in Second Life there are unique (in freedom and restriction) tools.   Most significantly there is a resilient culture of self expression as vivid as any you will encounter.  See for yourself here. Pixel has created a series of digital portraits captivating in their simplicity... by 'slowing' down my viewing experience... making me focus.  I found it bordered on the uncomfortable initially... that sense in the back of my mind that my attention wants to wander but it can't.  Soon I was consuming one portrait after another, entranced by the intangible reality behind the images and fully disappointed when I viewed the last one.  Not all will find it as I did... but I look forward to seeing more of what this creative newcomer to Second Life will do. See what you think... if you like it, click thru via link above to all the portraits (13 so far).

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