Monday, February 15, 2010

Working on new project...

I am working on a new project... a machinima project based on the amazing build at Cetus SL.  By DB Bailey with other artists works placed within the build.  This tour de force of texturing, while being a bit laggy for the faint of computing heart... it is still worth it.  For those who struggle with lag... try.  The Conflagration by DB Bailey  Drop in... hold still and try to view around... well worth the struggle.  Hopefully I can give you a taste of this ever evolving build soon.  The good news is this time I was able to create my own music track from mixes found at the ccmixter site.  For those that don't know... ccmixter is full of creative commons usable music samples to be mixed, mashed and scrambled into anything you like. Have a listen if you like: it features Michael Masley  (for the Masley link go to page, search his name from drop down list and stream his samples) and Laura Easton.

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