Saturday, February 13, 2010

Enjoying Skye High

Tonight I am listening to Skye High in sl... He has quite the voice... young guy.  Avatar only persona as Skye... I heard that when he performs live, you get little or no notice, and only the lucky few get in (he regularly fills a sim to the avatar limit).  But fortunately tonight the group also posted his live stream.  I am amazed at how pure his sound is.  I learned of him first in NWN, but sort of blew it off... so often live music in sl lacks polish to over come the technical limitations of streaming live in sl.  Then I saw a long post about him by ColeMarie... and knew I had to give it another try.  True to form I can not get in to the sim, but the stream is lovely.  I will have to try to get in the next time I see his group post he is playing.

On another creative note... earlier I posted the 9 Chairs machinima showcasing Jo Ellsmere's amazing npril chairs and table. I mentioned a few of her chairs would be featured in a show in sl.  Here is the info:  Her chairs are a pair among many interesting interpretations on the theme of chairs.  The show is hosted in the IMOPCA (Invisible  Museum of Post Contemporary Arts) at Invisible Gardens, Glashtan SL.  Interesting show... definately not your average chairs... Congratulations Jo on your work being in the show.

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