Saturday, January 9, 2010

The process of making this machinima was interesting. Beyond the tool using element of learning to edit I saw the idea that began with seeing a very cool build morph from a collection of bits and pieces… none of which ‘hung together’ until I paired it to music. I must have listened to dozens of possible pieces of music. From the beginning I saw that any song with a narrative structure was out. It was as if what I heard lead me to what I wanted the viewer to see.

I certainly learned a lot… and that education was my purpose and frankly my excuse for “stealing” the use of part of the sound track from Alegria. Of course I see several mistakes… I managed to misspell the title!(Fixed now) ... some jump cuts that shouldn’t be there… it is a good minute too long (I heard somewhere that about 4 minutes is all most will sit thru… so if you fast forwarded it, don’t feel bad… I must admit I do it a lot too)… and in at least one section the ghost of an AO remains on screen. Over all I am pleased with how it turned out, with what I learned and with the opportunity it gave me to meet new and interesting people (thank you Marko & Jo). I hope you all enjoy…

Cathedral from Robward Antwerp on Vimeo.

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